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Netz Security & Protection Systems is a leading company in Israel in the installation of protection and communication systems. The company under the management of Mu'ad Abu Laban has experience in managing complex projects in the field of protection and communications for 8 years.

The company's clients are diverse, organizations, marketing chains, private and government offices, small and large factories and more …

The company provides complete technological protection solutions, alarm systems, security cameras, intercom and access control systems, computer communications, fire and smoke detection systems, and public address systems.

The company carries out projects in Israel and abroad in the field of protection and communications, from planning the project, adapting the right equipment according to the field conditions and customer demand, installing infrastructures – wiring cables and installing various other accessories, installing the various systems, tuning and calibrating the end equipment. The various systems.

Netz Security and Security Systems integrates and integrates the various systems with the most advanced control and monitoring software in the world. The systems are smart and sophisticated, yet easy to operate and easy to use.

After completion of the project, the company performs a periodic inspection of the system and accessories. In the event of a malfunction, a technician arrives as quickly as possible to provide a response.

Security Cameras

Netz Security & Security Systems installs protective systems for various home and business security cameras. The systems include recording devices and cameras of various qualities according to demand and need.
The company specializes in installing HD security cameras with new and advanced technologies. Among the many projects of Netz Systems of Protection and Security are IP cameras, cameras using TVI, AHD and HDCVI technology.
The equipment manufactured by the world leading companies such as HIKVISION, DAHUA, PROVISION, TOPTICO and more.


Alarm Systems

The company has extensive experience in installing a wide range of alarm systems for home and business.
The company's protection consultants will be able to customize the system and accessories required for the place, according to the data and according to the insurance requirements, if any.
The alarm system consists of a number of accessories: a hub, magnets, sirens and various detectors.
B. Protection and security systems will be suitable for the most suitable detectors such as internal or external volume detectors, curtain detectors, grating detectors etc., which are most suitable for local and local conditions, in order to maximize protection of your property and security.

At Netz, security and protection systems are not satisfied with the characterization of the project, its execution and its delivery to the customer. The Company makes periodic inspections in order to verify the integrity of the system, the detectors and the various accessories.
In the event of a malfunction, a skilled team will arrive as quickly as possible to locate and solve the problem in a professional and efficient manner.

The systems and accessories that are installed by Netz Protection and Security Systems, whether equipment connected by cable or wireless equipment, are the leading manufacturers in Israel and abroad. With the most stringent standards in Israel, Europe, Canada and the US, enabling long-term survivability of equipment, and minimizing malfunctions in the hub and accessories.


Netz Security and Protection Systems markets and installs intercom systems of various types. Analog intercom systems, IP intercom systems, systems incorporating integrated external / internal panels, camera systems connected to the phone or a telephone adapter, and more.

The company installs all kinds of intercoms for private homes, offices and buildings. The systems are manufactured by the leading companies in Israel and around the world with high quality, enabling high survivability over time and minimal malfunctions.

Access control

Netz Security and Protection Systems installs entrance control systems for buildings and offices. The system enables monitoring and control of various areas that are required to protect and prevent the entry of unauthorized persons. These access control systems monitor the entry and exit of visitors, employees and guests.
These access control systems can manage logon and exit privileges as needed. The systems include management software, a variety of input controllers and proximity readers.
The function of the system is to allow control of the entrance / exit doors of offices, rooms, parking lots and any area that is required to visit the entrance.

Communication network

Netz Security and Protection Systems is establishing wired and wireless computer networks. The systems are of a high quality and suitable for the needs of the place. In addition, the company offers various communications solutions.
Deployment of network cable networks, fiber optics, end sockets, servers, cables, routers, communication cabinets, high quality computers and more …

Fire Alarm

Netz Security Systems specializes in installing fire detection systems.

The fire alarm system begins to operate when it detects fire, smoke or heat, and by early warning significantly reduces the damage caused by the fire.

The first operation of the fire alarm system begins with the detection of fire or smoke when it performs a number of actions, such as: operating sirens connected to it, activating an automatic dialer that dials numbers programmed in advance, activating automatic shutters, closing sealed doors,

Fire alarm systems can also connect to water sprays that turn off the fire and allow people to escape. Sometimes the fire detection systems are connected even to fireproof doors and smoke release openings.

Every business, public place, condominiums and high-rise buildings are required to install fire and smoke detection. Insurance companies require the installation of fire and smoke detection systems as part of the insurance policy.

The Fire and Rescue Authority demands that owners of public buildings and businesses who wish to issue and / or renew their business licenses submit an area file. The purpose of these standards is to prevent various fire and fire events in the various public buildings. Since each year the Fire and Rescue Authority updates new standards on this subject, it is recommended to pay attention to the various updates published by it.

P.A Systems

Netz Security & Protection Systems specializes in providing diverse solutions for public address systems. The systems are designed for security and background music for use in public buildings, private office buildings, ring clocks for schools, factories and more …
The company's equipment is marketed and manufactured by the best manufacturers in the world, with high quality, reliability and activity with minimal long-term malfunctions.The company also installs sound systems that meet European and American standards.
Nitz Security and Protection Systems executes the project from the planning stage of the system to the details, installation of the equipment that includes the amplifiers and speakers of various types with different intensities installed in the correct dispersion according to the structure and the place.

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